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Virtual Sapphire

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Our comprehensive services encompass a wide range of offerings & Our team ensures stunning and high-end outcomes. Additionally, we strive to align with your brand’s vision and uphold impeccable quality, maintaining a seamless and cohesive approach, remote workers also cost less and are more efficient.

Why Choose Us

Managed 100+ Projects in 5 Countries, Benefiting Over 1.0 Million People.

What Remote Services We Offer?

Virtual Assistant

Our skilled team offers high-quality Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and on various more platforms, virtual assistants are remote workers that help you to manage your account and increase your sales. We provide customized support, from product listings and inventory management to customer inquiries and feedback handling.

Graphic Design

We create custom visual designs for various mediums that effectively convey your message and branding. Contact our expert graphic design team for high-quality designs with clear communication and timely delivery.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team offers customized solutions to drive traffic and increase conversions. We provide comprehensive services tailored to your business needs, from SEO and social media to email campaigns and PPC advertising.

Virtual Sapphire specializes in providing expert remote assistance to support your e-commerce business across various known platforms. Our team excels in the following areas:

SEO Optimization
To generate more sales and engage more audience, its important to optimize your store on search engines. Not only we manage your store in addition our team make sure it is everywhere!
Marketing Strategies

To boost sales and engage audiences, effective marketing strategies are crucial. Our team ensures wide-ranging store management and presence!

Compliance Issues
When it comes to compliance on various E-Com platforms, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team ensures your store meets regulatory requirements, safeguarding your operations and mitigating risks. 

Our remote workers provides you with additional services within the pakage that helps to make your bussiness grow, maintains a high standard and to evolve the aesthetics of your store.

Content Creation

We understand the importance of compelling and engaging content for your e-commerce platform. Our skilled writers can craft captivating product descriptions working remotely, informative blog posts, and persuasive marketing copy to attract and retain customers.

Seller Central Support

Managing your online marketplace presence can be challenging. Our experienced remote workers, assist you with navigating & optimizing your seller central account on e-commerce platforms. We provide guidance on inventory management, order fulfillment, pricing strategies, and more.

Customer Support

Delivering exceptional customer service is crucial for building customer loyalty. Our dedicated support team is equipped to handle customer inquiries, order issues, and returns efficiently and professionally. We ensure  satisfactory resolutions, boosting your brand reputation.

What Customers Saying About Us

“They provide us with very professional, cooperative, and friendly workers”

Raymond Mann

Sales Director, Premius

“Everything runs very smoothly, and I didn’t have to worry much about the working.”

Steve Waller

CEO, The Smart Store

“Very professional and skillful people, the design and store building skills are impressive”

Jordan Wayne

Operational Manager, Gift Crafty

Unlock Success with Our Team of Experts

Whether you’re looking to enhance your website’s user experience, improve conversion rates, or develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, our experts can provide actionable recommendations backed by data-driven insights and best practices